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Welcome to Antique Clock Emporium

Carrying a Variety of Antique Clocks Including: Mystery, Swingers,
Table, Calendar, Banjo, LeCulture Atmos,
and so many more!

One of the largest premier selection
of antique clocks in the world

Step into our shop or browse our inventory online to take a walk through history.

With over 500 clocks at any given moment

That is well over 3-million dollars in inventory of museum quality clocks!

These are not just clocks,
but pieces of art that tell time!

Explore our large inventory of clocks, jewelry boxes, pedestals and more!

Welcome to Antique Clock Emporium, Sarasota’s premier collection of clocks, jewelry boxes, pedestals, and more! We pride ourselves on our diversified collection of clocks ranging from Mystery, Swinger, Table, Calendar, Banjo, LeCulture Atmos, and so much more.

At Antique Clock Emporium we offer a range of beautiful and rare clocks from makers such as L.M. Picard to add to your collection, Antique Clock Emporium can provide it all!

Take a look at our huge inventory to see if anything peaks your interest! We’re always adding new clocks and other items to our inventory so be sure to check back often to see what’s new!

Newest Additions

See what our newest additions to our collection are. We’re always adding new inventory so this is your go-to spot for all things new at Antique Clock Emporium.

Shop Our Clocks by Category

Here at Antique Clock Emporium, we offer a large collection of unique and one-of-a-kind timepieces crafted by famed horologists dating back nearly 400 years. To view in-person or purchase our clocks, please visit our shop at 508 South Pineapple Ave. Sarasota, FL 34236 in Burns Court.

Antique clocks deserve to be preserved and admired.

Take a quick walk through history at the Antique Clock Emporium, with owner Larry Adami as your guide. He knows what makes each clock special, and the interesting details like the age, worldly region and maker for all the clocks in his shop.

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